Continue Dreaming*30Sep_1Okt.«2 Years Birthday«EsKannAllesSein««««


Ledies and Ledies,

we are stillalive, we continue dreaming the possibility of doing things in a different way, we have new project going on, we mix all like always: music, performance, exhibition, installation. To stay together and fell ourself and the others—

This year is going to be interesting, we have different things.

there will be food from 19:00 bis 23:00, we have 2 menu,

1 is special, for those who likes to play-

1 is normal for those who likes to be sure-

Friday 30 september 2016 ab 19:0 Uhr

19:00 Exhibition of the best pictures and video of 2 year of bettolab project, curated from Manuelo and the big Michele Galassi

19:00-22:00 OpenMic: All welcome – EsKannAllesSein

22:00 Live acoustic concert: Siti Sunday from Indonesia-

22:30 Live Dance Performance: Jasminka Stenz, Lea Barletti, Barbara Toraldo, Anni Lattunen, Stefania Petracca—-Music:MONO WATT:

??:?? Video light installation on the Scaffold—Curated from Manuelo and the Bettolab Crew

24:00 Djset only for Romantic dancer and best kissers—

Saturday 1 October 2016 ab 19:00 Uhr

19:00 Uhr Jam Session: bring your body or your instrument andallwill be fine

21:30 Dance Performance: Marissa Medal and friends

22:00-23:00 Sasha Galperin live set


23:30 Djset Techno-Trash ohne Grenzen

all we need is you

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freitag 29 juli 2016-,.-closing ceremony with sepcial food and cockteil—

hallo everybody

bettolab will go in holiday or something like that…

we will close sunday 31 juli 2016 so this friday 29th we will have the summer trash party ohne grenzen mit freundlischen sehr größen—

please come if you like to be around the circle of life—if you need to ask samething to the totem, f you like touse woathr guns, if you are looking for nothing, if you are not feeling alone, if al i wanna do it is don´t think about it.-.

love you too

reopening will be around 6 september-.,-


casalemedievale- copia

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The ReäL 48 HoÜrs BeTtöLÄb 8*9*10* July 2016


-.,-The real 48 hours Bettolab-.,+

8-9-10 juli 2016

Freitag 8 juli 2016

13:00 —«Rito d iniziazione…##Cleaning the past, trusting the future, for a better present—–{Private}

18:00 official open _ø.,*_ open drums jam session, synchronize the beat

19:00 Sylvan Open djset

Sylvan will introduce all the performance and the artist with his music… 

20:00 Rowan Coupland……Arp solo-,.-{IVºdimension raum

21:00 Mariuccio guitar and voice{salon

22:00 Gioele pagliaccia Drumms{salon

22:30 Niklas teather show-.,-{keller

¿¿¿23:00∫∫∫manuelo + igor live music of the mute film “Lars und Lords”¿¿¿

¥¥¥¥23:30 Mads – guitar and cello—-

24:00 Uriel Kramer (guitar solo loops){salon

SATURDAY 9 juli 2016

01:00 Ben Marissa and Irina – move and music {salon

01:30 start the private performance -.,- the totem- closed performance***participation possible – tickets available at the bar

who takes part of the private performance will be  welcome to joint the ceremony, the food, the drinks and all the process.–.

the kitchen will propose 1 different experimental dish every 60minutes.

each dish will be a talisman, each talisman can make you lose a fear – instruction will be dabei!

the bar will realize 1 different shot every 60minutes

each drink is a talisman, each talisman 

_.,._Clara will be the chef of the night_.,._

you can be part of this private performance in different way…the tickets are for those who want to taste food and drinks-

06:00 End of the private performance, small talk about it, massage each others and clean and dance

07:00 Chill out and small sleep

11:30 Breakfast, and a walk around the city looking for a MüllBerg

14:00 Lunch and poetry

16:00 caffe and jam around the totem

18:00 reopening of the public part

¡¡¡19:00 Rosi Foster improvising¿¿¿{salon

20:00 Messej bass – computer – Synt {Salon

21:00 Megamatuar german hip hop + punk{Salon

21:30 Saida dance performance{around

22:00 MINAMI trio: MISHA OGIANER piano; MIKE HENTZ mouth harp and voice;  NATALIA PALSHINA dance

23:00 Johannes guitar + electro voice{salon

24:00 niklas live ambient{salon

Sunday 10 juli 2016

01:00 πø⁄πø⁄ Start of private performance, tickets available direct in the bar.

who takes part of the private performance will be  welcome to joint the ceremony, the food, the drinks and all the process.–.

the kitchen will propose 1 different experimental dish every 60minutes.

each dish will be a talisman, each talisman can make you lose a fear – instruction will be dabei!

the bar will realize 1 different shot every 60minutes

each drink is a talisman, each talisman or can make you fulfill a dream

+..:*Alessandra will be the chef of the night+:..+ 

04:30 End of private performance and small talk about it

4:35 Dario chillemi – sunrise classic summer – guitar

07:00 clean and and dance and good morning sunday

08:00 washing teeth concert, chill and sleep

11:00 Get up for your right and breakfast

12:00 walk around the clock

14:00 small lunch and paint the outside wall

16:00 jam session impro-dancing

18:00 samba group

20:00 Brasilian/calabrian corteo nach temphelof

20:30 Dancing while the sun goes down

21:00 Back to Bettolab

22:00 Ciao and see you after the digestion-.,-


 the program can change, to be sure about times, artists and thinks please visit

The ReäL 48 HoÜrs BeTtöLÄb 8*9*10* July 2016 | La BettoLab – Experimental Platz *.,- Okerstr. 43


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*.,-Hosteria Popolare Opening Dinners-.,*20*21*22 Mai 2016 ab 18:00 Uhr

Liebe Freunden von Bettolab and not only.

we are proud to present you a very lovely new project taking place in Bettolab: is the Hosteria Popolare BettoMagno ——-

the big opening will be 20*21*22* of may 2016 from 18:00 Uhr

we will have antipasti, home made pasta, side dishes  and dessert all made from our special italian crew.

we intend the food in the way our parents and ancestors teach us—we are not professional people, we use our knowledge and our creativity, you can trust the mamma kitchen, we will present you a new way of eating being together, in the very italian way.

the price will be popular, the ingredients will be fresh curated, same special things will come directly form italy. We will present a mix of tradition and new style, with a special care for the social aspect…dinners are the way to create a full sense experience and true this explore new way of staying together…

hope to see you all around,

like always our project without you are useless. We never can be alive alone.

manuelo and the BettoMagno crew-.,*



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15Aprile2016-.,-Aperitivo Sostantivo@ Liguria ∞ It´raining Pesto—-

aperitivo sostantivo2

Aperitivo Sostantivo this week meet liguria a beautiful region on the north ovest of italy, this is the menü:

Streppe al Pesto
Torta Pasqualina alle erbette
Frittele Frisciö
Baccilli Accomode
Fagiolini alla genovese

Latte dolce fritto
alway 8 euro for a full plate…

after the dinner we provide something for yuor digestion…
Secret Show – live shadow performance – ab 21:30-.,-

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33 gli anni de cristo – aperitivo sostantivo de cristo.


ledies and ladies
this friday we have the “aperitivo sostantivo” de cristo:
from 19:00
antipasti della madonna
pasta daa santissima trinitá
agnello de dio che toje i peccati del mondo
contorno addolorato
dolce paccatore
bollicine appassionate

always 6 euro all you can pray…

after dinner there is a lecture of the bible and a old friends coming to show us the destiny of the love…

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friday4.3.016-.,-Aperitivo Sostantivo n°5 presents Roma Caput Guanciale!

aperitivo sostantivo

People like every friday bettolab experimental smelly place this week is preparing you a great aperitivo sostantivo, and this time we will fly true roma, and we will have a nice view over the best osterie popolari romane,
here the menü of the week:

Crostini Mozzarella&Alici
Nudel-Duett: Amatriciana e Cacio&Pepe
Cicoria ripassata

Dulcis in Fundo> Maritozzi alla Panna

always 6 euro all you can scream.
ab 19:00 Uhr
bacettiaperitivo sostantivo

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Freitag 12.02.2016 Aperitivo Sostantivo N°3_Toscana

aperitivo sostantivo

Aperitivo Sostantivo is flying true the different regions of italy. Every week a new place, a new city a new trip with our palate…

After Palermo and Napoli we go to Toscana, this is the menú

  1. Ribollita
  2. Schiacciata (Focaccia)
  3. Cecina
  4. Funghi agliosi e prezzemolati
  5. Überraschungscrostoni

always 6€ eat til you are able to speak.

dabei immer spazial negroni and spritz like there is not a tomorrow…

all you can is all weekend!



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19.02.2016—19:00—BettoShow N°3 – experiment the absence of judgment

bettoshowflyerfebruaryDear bettolab frieds,

…we are proud to present you the 3th bet of bettoshow…

like always a special home made italian dinner will be “rhythmated” with different performance.

everything is welcomme, music, dance, teahter, poetry, blabla, bumbum…all night long.

experiment new things

show your creativity

no judgment



 ¡be yourself!

please write me your idea and take part at it.

artist will get food and wine for freeeeeeee

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freitag 29.01.2016 Aperitivo-Sostantivo-Palermitano

12645009_433507803509126_5179235368173738804_nLeute Leute,

this friday aperitivo street food aus Palermo and much more bei Uns-.,* pitti-pitti and friends are cocking!

From 20:00 Uhr

negroni whaterfall, spritz like there is not a tomorrow and fritto-frittiert-fritturine…


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