Continue Dreaming*30Sep_1Okt.«2 Years Birthday«EsKannAllesSein««««


Ledies and Ledies,

we are stillalive, we continue dreaming the possibility of doing things in a different way, we have new project going on, we mix all like always: music, performance, exhibition, installation. To stay together and fell ourself and the others—

This year is going to be interesting, we have different things.

there will be food from 19:00 bis 23:00, we have 2 menu,

1 is special, for those who likes to play-

1 is normal for those who likes to be sure-

Friday 30 september 2016 ab 19:0 Uhr

19:00 Exhibition of the best pictures and video of 2 year of bettolab project, curated from Manuelo and the big Michele Galassi

19:00-22:00 OpenMic: All welcome – EsKannAllesSein

22:00 Live acoustic concert: Siti Sunday from Indonesia-

22:30 Live Dance Performance: Jasminka Stenz, Lea Barletti, Barbara Toraldo, Anni Lattunen, Stefania Petracca—-Music:MONO WATT:

??:?? Video light installation on the Scaffold—Curated from Manuelo and the Bettolab Crew

24:00 Djset only for Romantic dancer and best kissers—

Saturday 1 October 2016 ab 19:00 Uhr

19:00 Uhr Jam Session: bring your body or your instrument andallwill be fine

21:30 Dance Performance: Marissa Medal and friends

22:00-23:00 Sasha Galperin live set


23:30 Djset Techno-Trash ohne Grenzen

all we need is you

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