Contacts & Collaborations

entrittfrei1_Dear Friends

Would you like to do your show at La BettoLab?

performance, music experiments, theater, show, or whatever you like.

Make a specific Workshop?

Create your own Exibhition?

Share with us ideas, project or something you want to realize.

Have u inquiries, doubts, reflections, dreams, bullshits or simply ideas which come to visit your mind?

Write us at

or better visit us in Okerstr. 43 Neukölln, Berlin.

Öffenungszeiten: Dienstag bis samstag: 19:00 bis end - Montag und Sontag: leider Zu.



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  1. Hi, my name is steffen ehrhardt, i played at your place (Labettolab) at nov. 17th with mms. i am the guitarist. I told you, that i also have a Tango and spanish folk songs duo, so here is our web site

    if you are interested in a concert of us, write me an email.

    thanks, see you


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