BettoBleibt – solidarity gegen kündigung. Resistance Parade –

Dear people, we wold like to share with you all our situation.

Dear people and bettolab lovers
if you read this is because more or less you like our place, the idea there is behind this space, the approach and the atmosphere we managed to create.
More people during this years told me we are a very old berlin style place, with creativity and freedom in arts and for the artists. I was always so glad to hear this words about my space. I was so glad and give me so much power to keep going and to don´t stop in front of fear or problems. Berlin is changing, everybody can see it around and also on own skin, difficulties to live, rent always more expensive, difficult to find good job and stressed people everywhere—
alternative space are closing, no more space for them, only money and business, nice café empty and white, second hands story that are more expensive then normal store.
we are there, we are small, we are made with passion, because this is the only way we know to do things.
we are no so famous, we have no so much success, we are loved from somebody we are ignored from somebody else, we are not always understand, we are on facebook to be more normal, we tried to be less creasy to be more easy…
We are alone, but with you no.
we need help, we needed help from the beginning, we always thanked you for all the support and the love you give to us, we are that kind of space that are not able to live just by themselves, we always needed you all, to create the atmosphere together and to share ideas and smiles…
now we are under attach, like other space in berlin, we are very small, we were under attach from the beginning, it´a money problem, in the way if you have money there is no problem…i had to pay so much money for being not so quite and tamed—
i tried my best to find an equilibrium between me and the other, to find the best solution to live in harmony with my neighbors. Same of them come to speak with me same of them just call police and hausverwaltung…
it´s about shades, about shades of sensibility, if you can recognize the difference between bettolab and a normal café…we are not better then others we just create other things, we are not a service that distributes food and drinks, we are a space to develop new creativity and ideas, to get inspired in a sane way, we are trying to share our dreams and our love for art and freedom with you all, then we have the bar and café and food to make you more happy and to give you more reason to come to us. through the bar and the food we try to attract people to our space and contaminate you all with our ideas. It´s not about business it´s about love, i clean this space every day since 3 years for love and for you and for me. I sow many things, same were so beautiful and great, some where so sad and humiliating, but at the end all was enough nice to let me go on.
at the 3th birthday party of bettola i told you all was the last, because i wanted to move to the south where the sun was enough strong to give me all what i needed…
i wanted to sell bettolab to somebody who wanted to continue this project and go on with this idea—
this kündigung stuff now give me the chance to understand if this place has really reason to exist or not.
You will decide what will be, with you support, your sign, your time and your help, you will tell me if this space has reason to resist or not. Bettolab is not just a space is a way of think and a way of approaching at life.
I´m not good in spreading the voice in a virtual way, that´s why I´m organizing a walk around schiller kitz to spread the voice, to collect sign, to explain the situations, to see if the people and the other space are sensible at this kind of things—
so this is the calendar of initiatives created to try to resist at this attach:
from dienstag bis samstag ab 18:00Uhr you can come to bettolab to speak with me and to sign the open call to let me stay.
Mittwoch 4th at 17:00 Uhr is walking and spreading the voice
Friday 6th and Saturday 7th ab 19:00 Uhr is
BettoBleibt night, we will collect the money to support our legal fees
Sunday 8th is we are not dead-line
from 10:00 to 22:00 12 hours of performance, music, exhibitions to collect money to pay the legal fees.
The 9th of october we should leave the space and clean it all from our smell, we will not do it, we will turn this sad news in a creative,happy resistance with music and street parade organized to speak about gentrification and pressure we all have from the big landlords—

So come verybody the 8th of october from 12:o Uhr in Bettolab

we really need you support, the only way we can go out from this things is with you all, the only way we know to fight is in the way of solidarity and unity , we are the real berlin, we are why the people move here, the should never forget about this, we will never let them use us like this! Please spread the voice, invite people, come to visit us, let us fell your worm..
mit liebisches grüßissime
Manuelo and all the bettolab

for help and support —- facebook: La Bettolab — mail:

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