Bettoshow and The Real 48 Hours Bettolab

Ways in which we express our soul, our uniqueness, our passion.
The way we look at desire. The way in which we welcome diversity and how we inflict it; how we offer a deeper insight into reality.
New borderless windows towards the endless sea and across the vastness of mountains.

“Bettoshow” is a fusion of diversities and performances; a program of sincere exchange of all sensibilities. Events will take place every Friday, from 7 pm until late, hosting a maximum of 5 artists each time, at Bettolab, the experimental wine bar bistrot.

You are all invited to be “under the sun” with us, to be yourself without fear or prejudice. This local, self-funded festival intends to change your approach to life, through a common project, to leave you with a different outlook.

We view exchanging art with people as a way in which we can relate to others, a way we can come together and be as one. We’d like for you to show us diversity and originality within your art.

The aim is to open new creative channels inside the frame of a, secular ritual, comprising of study and play.

All sessions will form “48 hours of Bettolab”, which will take place towards the end of July. “48 hours” is a three day public festival of experimental performance. Daily public sessions (6pm-1am) will showcase art in a serious yet exuberant way. For the private sessions during the night, without any audience, we invite artists to work and play with experimental language and new ideas. We’ve branded this session as Klima. It is a new concept of private performance, split in three different parts: spaces, actions, themes; these will be conceived by the group in previous meetings, to be then developed inside the performance itself. The required prerogative is that of an active participation, for the duration of the project.

Here below the calendar of all events:
Bettoshow ab 19.00uhr

▪ Thursday 21|06
▪ Thursday 28|06
▪ Friday 6|07
▪ Friday 13|07

“The Real 48 hours Bettolab”
▪ Friday 20|07 18:00Uhr til sunday 22.07 23.59. NO STOP.

Artists who wish to take part are warmly invited to apply to:

For more info write also to the official facebook page Labettolab

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