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The Morgen Post, the Berliner Kurrier and RBB berlin radio spoke about our situation::::we have to go to court on June 13th, this is our lucky number—-we want to ask all the people, artists and friends to write something for us, why you think bettolab is an important space for sociality, arts and a meeting point, why the court should let us stay and promote space like us????

we want to create a special performance on this day (13th june 2019 ) to let them see how we react to this accuse and what is the real goal of this big house company “Pears Global Real Estate”::::we know what is the real reason they want us out! The want to have more money!! they can´t ask us directly because we have another 5 years contract so they make this sneaky strategy of false accusations, with lawyers and judges, thinking to be scary, but we will go ahead with our struggle to at least slow down the destructive process of this city.

we will appreciate all your help, writing, coming, supporting us in many different way, buying for example the shirt we print to support the legal fees!!!

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