BettoShow ∆ Winter Edition -.,+ “Roots form the south”

Bettoshow is a night of performance and dinner, we will explore the theme of Roots, with exhibition, video, performance, dance, live experimental music and much more.-.

This is the list of the artist taking part:

*Valerio Timpanaro & Tommasino: dj Set Roots-reggae

*Carlos Santana Peña:
Karlst: Live electro-acoustic ambient

*Morihide Sawada
Drum solo
but not too solo

*Katherine sultan erminy aka “Data luminescence”
Visual artist filmmaker.
live [effect or Erʁor landscapes on video performance]

*Simon Says-Smile: live anderware painting

*Makoto Sakamoto:
*Manuelo Von Beruf:
presentation, performation, sciocchezzeschön!

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